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Titus II - Uganda

Pastor Opio

Pastor Stephine Opio, Deputy Overseer of Team of God Worship International Ministries in Uganda, extends a warm welcome to Titus 11 Uganda through the guidance of Apostle Regina Stevenson. Stephine is happily married to his wife, Grace Abuko, and they have three biological children. Additionally, they are actively involved in caring for two orphans and are dedicated to spreading the gospel in Uganda and beyond.

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Adongo Egaru

Jennifer Adongo Egaru, is the Titus 11 Movement leader in Uganda.  She is a dedicated leader for single youth, young women, and children. She is actively involved in supporting and expanding Titus 11 Uganda, collaborating with Team of God Worship International Ministries Uganda. Jennifer is passionate about spreading the gospel through dance, praises, and the word of God, impacting the lives of those who have embraced the movement.

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Children of Titus II-Uganda

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